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Turning χ (of any stripe) into a plot-relevant game snapped the KH timeline in half like an overripe canteloupe kissing a jackhammer.

Either that or all directly Disney characters are stuck in some form of infinite time loop.

How else are events taking place so far in the distant past as to be legendry and fairytales involving not only the usual Disney world denizens, but KH!Donald/Goofy/Mickey, like it ain't no thing?

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I got the beast up and running when it dropped this morning (I'm using BlueStacks to play it on my PC), and have plinked at it off and on when not poking at FF Record Keeper.

Despite looking like a glorified Flash game and with some dubious choices (or lack thereof) for initial customization, KHUχ is actually playing decently so far. Now, I'll admit I'm only hovering around level 10 -- as I said, plinking at it -- but the game is keeping me entertained so it's doing its job.

The engine is good. I don't know how the original χ's cards handled, but the medals system is reasonably intuitive and tapping or flicking across the screen to attack is nice. (using a mouse no doubt helps with this, lol). What tinkering I've done in the equipment customization -- upgrading and leveling medals, using materials to level Keyblades, etc -- has been pretty smooth. χ uses purchasable in-game currency but it's been fairly free with quest rewards of same so far, so I'm not feeling a pinch.

I can see the story (such as it is) being repetitive as balls, but that's not really a surprise given χ's genesis as a timekilling browser game; right now it essentially boils down to "join one out of five factions, go gather light, now fetch".

It's worth noting that:

- You are told that each Union has different goals/methods, but aren't told squat about what any of those are

- The Unions squabble with each other over those unexplained methods and also over Lux, aka light, aka the stuff you're claiming from Heartless. Oh, and also using to level up shades of Nightmare Souls, lololol ... interesting, that

- Aside from "now fetch", you're basically a nob with a Keyblade turned loose on the multiverse, and there's scads more where you came from

Everyone expecting this to end poorly, raise your hand ~

Blessed relief is the stark absence of the crushing weight that is the actual KH plot, at least for the time being. No nonsense involving Sora, blonde creatures that look like Sora of any variety, Xehanort of any stripe, Traverse/Twilight Town, heart-moons, and on and so forth. Just the basic concept of the KH multiverse, a weirdo cat creature and five wierdos in animal masks.

Oh, and clubbing darkness to death with a heavy object shaped like a key so you can take their stuff :Db

(of course I know at least one invasion of main plot elements is going to force its way in later, but for now I'll take what I can get.)

So, that's a thing --


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