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A note, re: Pixiv - if you are a logged in pixiv user, you can click on pictures to make them bigger. If you're not a logged in user, navigation is hellish at best. I completely understand that you may not want yet another login to yet another site, but if you want to explore the site at all I sincerely recommend it, for your blood pressure's sake if nothing else.

KH-Aqua paint by Renvatia
Aqua, falling through water to darkness

KH3:Chaser Aqua by spirapride
Aqua in her armour.

KH: Aqua by Caucasian-eagle
Aqua casting a spell.

Neon Aqua and Suicune VER. 2 by Rasenth
Aqua and Suicune!

Aqua by アルタイル
Fake iPod ad; Aqua on a blue background.

アクア by トキタ
Aqua, looking serious.

個性って大切 by haru
Aqua, older and with long, pale hair.

アクア by さかな
Aqua, attacking with a magical blast.

The True Hero by Nick-Ian
Aqua with Rainfall raised high, in front of a sphere of water, the faces of Terra, Ven, Vanitas and Xehanort in the background.

二人に会いたい by リバイブ☆発情中
Aqua sitting on the ground, looking out into darkness.

Aqua by Saehral
Aqua on a blue background.

Aqua by thefenrir
Aqua showing off her charm of connection.

Aqua – Kingdom Hearts by pika4ever
Aqua lying down, keyblade in hand.

.Aqua. by hanaratsu-Kairi
Aqua from behind.

Welcome to the kingdom ! by もちろん
Aqua sitting down. Slightly surreal background includes stars, a paopu tree, snowdrops and the midday sky.

Master Aqua by HetemSenar
Aqua mid-attack in Radiant Garden.

【水】 by 3ヶ@ブログ再開
Aqua standing in a chasm, Rainfall stuck into the ground behind her in the middle of the three charms she made.

アクア by Rin*なく頃に再熱
Aqua balancing on one leg, blade in the air.

by clivef
Chibi Aqua with her charm of connection.

お水のコ by
Aqua mid-attack.

アクア by
Aqua looking sad.

アクアさん by いわし
Aqua about to attack.

by ジャック
Aqua, in a half-crouch, with wings drawn above her.

また、会えるよね by やまおく
Aqua curled up around a blade – I think it's actually Earth Shaker – looking sad.

ケーキ入刀 by バナナ牛乳
Aqua wielding her keyblade... in a wedding dress.

猫アクア by は す
Chibi cat-anthro Aqua sticking her tongue out! Speechbubble: ...♥

アクア キングダムハーツ by Genzoman
Aqua looking badass in the Keyblade Graveyard.

Aqua by ♣3
Aqua about to fuck your shit up.

前の by こだまり@ヴァンガる
Aqua sitting, looking at her charm of connection.

どうか消えないで by うね
Aqua looking a an orange and a green star.

アクアさんを水に入れてみた。 by 茂香@ついった
Aqua standing in water, looking up at the sun.

うちの嫁 by 馬野郎!
Aqua pinup, with keyblade in front of flowers.

無題 by 脳内蠅祭り中

アクア by コタケ
Aqua and Rainfall. A little magical girl-ish.

アクア by 中佐
Aqua, falling.

アクア by りあ@元白牙
Aqua chibi.

Aqua by haru
Aqua and a butterfly.

アクア by 転倒虫
Aqua looking at her charm of connection.

アクア by みずの
Aqua from behind.

アクアさん by 無月
Aqua smiling.

ぽにてアクア by は す
Aqua with longer hair, up in a ponytail.

BirthbySleep by Tuwa
Sketchy watercolour Aqua.

アクア(修正) by Niyasu
Aqua sitting on a blue magical platform.

KH:BBS チビアクア by
Chibi Aqua.

すっげぇ途中・・・ by 佐々木 亮 改め 司亮
Aqua looking serious, on a two-tone purple check background.

いま、 by 砌@干物
Sketchy, super-saturated Aqua, falling.

絆繋ぐ舞水 by れく
Tiny, angry Aqua chibi, Rainfall in one hand, charm of connection in the other.

お・ま・も・り だおっ(^ω^)ミコッ by まるよ
Aqua holding up Mario-style stars instead of charms.

私が正義? by 茂香@ついった
AU. Aqua, fallen into darkness and about to fuck you up.

アクア by ぐみちょこ
Chibi Aqua on a blue and black striped background.

Date: 2011-09-07 11:13 am (UTC)
kunenk: Chibi Okami!Amaterasu eating cherry cake (cherry cakes <3)
From: [personal profile] kunenk
Aaaahhh, so pretty~

Date: 2011-09-07 12:12 pm (UTC)
kunenk: Ven holding blue shine (world in your hand ven?)
From: [personal profile] kunenk
I think 個性って大切 is particularly nice… something would change in all the time she spends in the dark, shouldn't it?

Date: 2011-09-07 12:20 pm (UTC)
kunenk: ([for the] birds)
From: [personal profile] kunenk

Yeah, that one's pretty adorable! Oooh, definitely! *___*


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