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A note, re: Pixiv - if you are a logged in pixiv user, you can click on pictures to make them bigger. If you're not a logged in user, navigation is hellish at best. I completely understand that you may not want yet another login to yet another site, but if you want to explore the site at all I sincerely recommend it, for your blood pressure's sake if nothing else.

ロクサスとアクセルに会えてよかった by 狛犬
Xion collapsing with a smile on her face.

XION icon by 辣子
Chibi Xion.

untitled by vaultedthewall
Xion curled up and falling into the dark. Text: is it that I'm not supposed to exist?

Xion by semokan
Xion, smiling sadly. Text: thank you, roxas

Greetings from Chibi Xion by o0ASmileThatShines0o
Chibi Xion in a teacup.

Chibi Xion by Yuukimi-Chan
Chibi Xion with her keyblade behind her back and a shadow on her head.

ねこしおん by おきつね
Chibi cat-anthro Xion holding a fish.

Xion by HetemSenar
Xion with her keyblade.

Xion by Sakurah
Xion with her hood up, eating ice cream.

Xion -2- by semokan
Xion smiling up at the camera.

Commission – Mirroed From You by YuukiHikari
Black and white lineart. Xion as the Mirror from Card Captor Sakura.

Xion Chibi by adventchildbecca
Chibi Xion.

【 】 by 3ヶ@ブログ再開
Xion in the clouds, in front of a setting sun.

by Rin*ついった
Xion in the rain.

Chibi Final-form Xion by jojo56830
The title says it all.

青時雨 by かちゅ@おやすみ
Xion in front of a lake, in the rain.

Vector to the Heavens by hakei
Xion, dead-eyed.

シオン by 鈴歌
Chibi Xion.

潮騒。 by Tam@64
Xion paddling in the ocean, gathering shells in her coat.

空へと溶けゆく... by 鈴歌
Xion hugging her keyblade like a teddy bear, as they crystallise.

【XIV】 Myosotis by Feria
Xion. Text: -XIV- Myosotis

Xion by ( ´≖_ゝ≖`)
Xion with her keyblade.

負けたくない••••••! by
Xion's limit break.

シオン?^^ by ねぎ♥ついった
Xion, resting her head on her keyblade.

ばいばい by rxoixoans
Xion, starting to fade into butterflies at the hem of her coat.

ふうせん2 by Hoshia 星曉
Chibi Xion with a heart-shaped balloon.

しおんちゃん by さかな
Xion in showgirl-esque AU clothing.

Xion by Shadow-Of-Nothin
Xion, smiling sadly.

染者 by has
Xion from above, coat billowing out like a dress.

背中 by 椿之助
Xion with her arms out vertically, from behind. Graffiti-esque.

忘れないよ by 染た@エグゼ10周年!
Grinning, chibi Xion.

シオン by ξ
Xion, in a field of shion, smiling while crying.

そして、 by
Xion, smiling.

らくがき by ハコバコ
Xion, smiling.

xion by No.81314
Xion with a bouquet of flowers.

シオン by ラズ@脱スラ
Xion with a heart in her hands, smiling and tearing up.

14 by 魉猫
Sketchy drawing of Xion about to kick ass.

Xion Casual Clothes by Kyrah
Xion in a checkered dress with a shadow backpack, holding three ice creams.

この花の名前知ってる? by もろ@受験生
Xion with a bouquet of flowers.

君を忘れない by セキユ
Xion smiling in front of a sunset sky.

358 14 by 津村
Xion, head bowed and keyblade vertical, to the side. Sora as her shadow, Destiny Islands and Twilight Town in the background.

i... by つかさ@ついった
Xion in a heart-shaped semi-complete puzzle.

シオンの髪型を変えてみた by No.81314
Xion with long hair. (If you're a pixiv member you can click for a few more alternative styles.)

わたしのしあわせをおすそ分け by 染た@エグゼ10周年!
Baby Xion with a fluffy yellow chick. Text: みんな しあわせに なります ように (t: so that everyone becomes happy)

\できたー1/ by 染た@エグゼ10周年!
Chibi Xion is victorious!

Xion by Yuukimi-Chan
Xion and a shadow.

Xion from Kingdom Hearts by okanjo
Xion in a style that favours Amano*, not Nomura.

Xion by Sakurai999
Belligerent Xion.

DIE by Sakurai999
Looking up at Xion from the end of her keyblade; she's angry but crying.

くぽくぽー! by 猫田猫助
When moogles attack! Xion was eating an ice-cream, but now she's alarmed.

*Yoshitaka, not Amano Shiro

Date: 2011-09-19 05:37 am (UTC)
admiral: gwendolyn → odin sphere (Default)
From: [personal profile] admiral
ooh, I really like that Xion as the Mirror Clow Card one. ♥


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