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A note, re: Pixiv - if you are a logged in pixiv user, you can click on pictures to make them bigger. If you're not a logged in user, navigation is hellish at best. I completely understand that you may not want yet another login to yet another site, but if you want to explore the site at all I sincerely recommend it, for your blood pressure's sake if nothing else.

Broken Kingdom by Revenant-Wings
Sora, sitting on top of a strange castle with a couple of shadows.

Drive form I by eguana
Sora in wisdom, brave, and master forms.

Drive form II by eguana
Sora in final form, and antiform/Sora•Heartless.

Sora and dotbreed by drowdragon
Sora and some dalmatian puppies.

sora by diamond dust
Sora in final form, looking kind of confused.

by トキタ
Sora smiling.

ダーリン私の言うこと信じて~ by さかな
Sora in casual clothes, listening to Mickey Mouse-symbol headphones and grinning.

ソラ by D. M. Ho
Sora, standing in front of the sky.

ソラ by Seth
Sora waving Oathkeeper and grinning.

テスト終了 by さな@ツイッタアアアア
Sora snoozing at his desk at school.

KH: It won't work, Sora by Anyarr
Merman Sora wielding the keyblade; bubbles are coming out of the end and he's looking sheepish. Speech bubble: FIRA?

鍵に愛された少年。 by SHOU.
Sora running with the keyblade. Text across the image: Happiness doesn't Walk up to You.

B+F+W+M by かつお武士
Sora in brave, final, wisdom and master forms, personality slightly different in each.

The light in me by suzuran
Sora holding light in the form of the keyblade standing in a pool of water, which shows his reflection.

Sora in Halloween Town by Twero
Outline of Sora on top of Curly Hill, grinning, Oblivion in hand.

Sora by Hikura-Ito
Pencil sketch of Sora which has been coloured with a gradient.

town of twilight by einlee
Sora in a Twilight Town backstreet.

i will wait for you by einlee
Sora in casual clothes, sitting on the paopu tree at night.

Sora by aiki-ame
Sora sitting on a roof, under sakura, a butterfly on his knee.

kingdom hearts 3 by BlueEyedPerceiver
Sora holding a branch across his shoulders, looking out over a sunset sea.

.:Sora:. by AJanime12
Sora in a crown, cape, and alternately coloured KHII-era clothes.

[untitled] by ■のろ■
Sora opening a keyhole.

Sora by [tumblr.com profile] brianwongdesign
Psudo-tribal. Sora surrounded by keyblades.

There's still light by Bloodline-009
Sora falling through water.

Adult Sora by Dedmerath
Grown-up Sora in different clothes, with Oathkeeper and Oblivion.

Sora by PrincessElemmiriel
Sora pencil art, background coloured in watercolours.

Reconnecting The Sky -Sora- by mazjojo
Shirtless Sora thigh-high in the ocean.

KH2: Pirate Sora by Risachantag
Sora in a pirate outfit, brandishing the PotC keyblade.

KH: Let's dance together by Anyarr
Sora with big headphones on, dancing with a shadow.

Ever wonder... by Zackypenguin
Black and white. Sora sitting on a box, looking at the keyblade.

touch my hand by limbebe
Sora holding his hand out to a shadow, who is playing keep-away with a heart.

Catch a Falling Star by Bashbat
Sora lying in bed, in AU clothes, with a couple of fireflies floating around.

Smile, Sora, smile by PrincessElemmiriel
Sora in AU clothing, sitting with the keyblade at his back.

Lil' Sora by kawaylulii
Birth by Sleep-era Sora, making a D:-face

Sora in Deep Jungle by J4ne-d-C4t
Anthropomorphic wolf Sora, with keyblade.

Sora – Wallpaper_800 x 600 by J4ne-d-C4t
Sora lineart coloured with a gradient.

Pirate Sora, revisited by Saehral
AU. Sora as a pirate, standing on a broken ship's railing.

Sora in Wonderland by J4ne-d-C4t
Sora dressed as the Mad Hatter.

Moogle Sora by cartoongirl7
Chibi Sora in a moogle suit.

sora by miracle70590
Fake anime screencap. Sora is thinking!

Sora by superspacemonkey
Sora bust pencil sketch.

【空】 by 3ヶ
Sora standing in the middle of a lake with the keyblade.

遊びだらけの by まれ
Sora standing on a pile of bug blocks, keyblade raised.

風船飛行 by ぷろぅち@大切だから二回言ry
Sora flying by means of a bunch of balloons on a moonlit night, a rainbow of birds in the midground.

ソラ by おこめ@テストメガフレア
Sora mid attack.

ふぉーむちぇんじ by いく
Sora chibis! Valour, wisdom, master, normal, anti/Sora•Heartless, and final forms.

Colourful Sky by Minakuu
Sora flying by means of a bunch of balloons during the day, has dropped the keyblade.

きっと丸腰でもFは強い。 by トート.
Sora sparkling in final form.

そら by Tam@64
Sora holding a hand out to the camera.

オレに力を! by
Sora's limit break.

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I took a quick look through these, and there's some really amazing stuff here. Thanks for sharing your finds! :)


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