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I started writing fanfic again after a long hiatus, and was thrilled to see a Kingdom Hearts comm here on DW already! It's not much of a fic, but I'm writing others that have more of a story and that I hope to post in the future. Any and all critique is welcome! I'm not the sensitive type.^^

Title: The Results of a Successful Fight
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Just Sora, but he has some lustful thoughts about Leon and Cloud.
Word Count: 1688
Additional: Takes place during KHII, though it's not really important as there isn't much of a plot. It's pretty much a PWP. I wrote it in a challenge in [community profile] areyougame, so it's cross posted there, as well as in my own DW.
Summary: Sora needs some time alone when a fight against the heartless has left him more excited than he'd like his friends to know.

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