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Title: Ice Breaker
Rating: G
Pairing: Sora/Roxas
Word Count: 6876
Additional: N/A
Summary: Wherein Sora is separated from his friends and thrown into a frozen world essentially barren of life. He hates being alone. It's a good thing he isn't. Post-KH3D.

Also available on AO3 here!

( Sora had never been alone for so long. By high noon on the third day, he'd realized exactly how much he hated it. )
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Title: Fragmented Truths | AO3
Rating: K+
Word Count: 241,038 (ongoing!)

Summary: AU. He to failed close the door, unleashing darkness upon the worlds. Now, as a mysterious Organization fights for completion, Riku must hasten his search for Sora, all while dealing with a powerful Replica that threatens his good name.

Features worlds based on the Great Mouse Detective, Sword in the Stone, and the Jungle Book.

New reader? You can always check out the original story! Also available on AO3. If you would rather start here, there is now an outline of the first story to give a basic gist of its events.
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Title: Obliviate
Rating: PG/K+
Pairing: None.
Word Count: 1,703
Additional: Kairi centric! Takes place during the events of Chain of Memories. Also written for a writing prompt meme - Kairi, attic.
Summary: When something's no longer needed, it goes in the attic. And when people disappear from your memories, they always leave traces.

( As the years passed, she didn't go up there. It was just another space in the house. )


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