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Name:Kingdom Hearts Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For Fans of Kingdom Hearts
Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts community. Please read the rules before joining or participating.

1. Please only post topics relating to Kingdom Hearts.
2. Spoilers should be placed behind a <cut> tag with a warning for at least one month after the latest release date of that game. What constitutes a spoiler is up to the discretion of the poster, but please be considerate of other members.
3. Large images and adult content should also be behind a <cut> tag. Previews for icon posts can contain a max of three icons per post. Any more than that will need to be behind a cut.
4. Fanfics should at least include a rating. Using our format below is preferred.
5. While debates are welcomed, we ask that you be respectful of other members when discussing. Attempting to cause wank and insulting or harassing other members will not be tolerated. If you feel someone has crossed the lines, contact the mods.
6. Feel free to promote your non-RP community as long as it is some-what related (ie. for a video game, etc.). Ads for non-RP communities are limited to once a month. RP community ads go here.
7. Have fun!

Posting Fanfic:
If you wish to keep track of your fanfiction, you may tag them as "author: yourusername". We encourage you to use this standard form when posting fanfic:

Word Count:
Additional/Content Warnings:


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Contacting the Mods
Please leave questions/concerns/suggestions here.
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