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Yeah, I fail at Thursday again. It's just. The only thing that's happened since the last round-up post is the Meta-Tree has juuuust broken 100 comments.

So, yeah. Disappointing, for me, but what can you do, right? I already feel like I'm being obnoxious about this. So I'm not gonna do any more round-up posts unless stuff gets posted, though, just like last year, everything is open indefinitely.

See you guys around, hey?
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Not so much activity, as of yet. Is everyone sleeping off Easter gluttony?

FIRST OFF, I would like to give a GIANT SHOUTOUT TO ANON, who filled Who has to give Ven the 'birds&bees' talk from last year's post back in September. It's great on so many levels.


Filled prompts
Axel/Roxas - starlight filled by [personal profile] azremodehar
Sora/Riku/Kairi - playing favorites filled by [personal profile] tyger

Unfilled prompts
So, how did Chip and Dale become gummi mechanics, anyway?
Larxene/Naminé, toys


No one's filled anything yet. :(

Unfilled prompts

Xion involving these (these being a certain type of flower, linked to)
Sephiroth/Leon/Cloud ... Absolutely anything is fine, but possible prompts are, 'stuck in the middle,' 'sparring practice' or 'paperwork'.
Axel/Roxas - starlight
Riku - walking along the edge
any combo of Xigbar, Luxord, Axel, Larxene - steampunk

Nothing on the CAPSLOCK/MACROS post yet, which surprises me, people seemed to like that idea.

The Meta-Tree, however, has broken 60 comments.
There's quite a bit of music, and a bit about Chain of Memories, too, though I'd encourage you to read the whole post.

KH canon poll

Yes, I know not much has happened yet, but remember this is THREE WEEKS, so anything could happen! Right now I think we need more prompts, and if you're inclined towards fills, particularly art, that would also be great! BUT NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING WITHOUT PROMPTS.
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The idea of this post if to create an easy way to share meta and other fannish things without the pressure to create a separate post. You can write your thoughts on a specific character or pairing - detail why X is more awesome than Y or just what makes you think so-and-so are best friends/enemies/lovers. You can share the music you listen to while writing/drawing KH fic and art. You can share what you think about a specific game, from 'not as good as XYZ', to critiques of art and costuming. The key part, though, is to just go ahead and comment.

If there is a topic you think needs to be added to the comment tree, then simply comment in the appropriate place, and let other people tell you what they think.

How it works:

(Top Level Comment:) Characters
Meta or discussion about characters goes here.
|---------------(Reply:) Riku
                       All musings about Riku start as a reply to this comment. Anything goes,
                       from motivations and changes in his character over the course of the games
                       to a critique of his hairstyle. Have fun.
                       |---------------(Reply:) Hero vs. Anti-hero
                                              Part of Riku's appeal is the contrast he provides to Sora. Sora is cheerful, open, unselfish and
                                              he makes friends with everyone he meets. In contrast, Riku is moody, more inclined to hide his
                                              real feelings, possessive about his friends and suspicious of the motivations of strangers. While
                                              Sora is a genuinely nice person, it's easier to relate to Riku because of these 'flaws'.
                      |---------------(Reply:) The blindfold is cool.
                                             Very existentialist, but mostly just cool. Goes well with all the black.

Current categories for discussion are:


Pairings, friendships and other ships:

Fan Soundtrack:


Links, recs, and other fannish things:

If you can think of another category you think needs to be added as a top-level comment, then please suggest it by commenting below.

Rules are simple:

1. Use the subject header in your comment, please. This lets people know what they are looking at, and, for the games section, provides spolier warnings.

2. Be civil. You may not agree with somebody's statement about a character or pairing, but no bashing. Just reply to the comment and tell us why. Discussion is the whole point of this post.

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Sorry for the spam, everyone. I was going to mark everything other than this post as backdated, but it wouldn't let me 'cause they're comm posts. :(

Just to get this out of the way...
1. If your response is more than one comment long, please put the second comment as a reply to the first, just so they're not all replies to the prompt. Less clutter is good!
2. Don't be an asshat.
(This section. It will only be expanded if it needs to be. Let's try and keep it as it is, okay?)

ALSO. Please WARN FOR SPOILERS AT THE TOP OF POSTS. 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep and Re:coded are musts, but no one is going to complain if you warn for more! (This applies to both requests AND fills, just to be super-sure.)
That being said, if you don't want to be spoiled for other games, maybe this fest is not yet for you.

Commentfic post here
Commentart post here
(crossposting prompts between posts is fine, as long as prompts on the art post are suitable for making art!)
Meta-tree here
• Polls! The comm has paid time, so anyone can post a poll!
Polls that have been posted:
        KH canon poll

And should you like to advertise this thing:


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