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A note, re: Pixiv - if you are a logged in pixiv user, you can click on pictures to make them bigger. If you're not a logged in user, navigation is hellish at best. I completely understand that you may not want yet another login to yet another site, but if you want to explore the site at all I sincerely recommend it, for your blood pressure's sake if nothing else.

KH2: Chibi Roxas by Yume-Rie
Chibi Roxas

KH – Halloween Roxas by NorthernBanshee
Roxas in a Halloween costume (vaguely vampiric).

Restoration at 99 percent by
[no description; picture relies on visual impact]

らくがきい by たか氏
Roxas falling.

twilight dream by haru
Roxas falling, the Twilight Town clocktower in the background.

drop by haru
Roxas, tearing up.

「...何見てんの?」 by haru
Roxas, in the middle of taking his shirt off.

君に by haru
Roxas with a shadow.

儚い by haru
Roxas, grasping at petals and fading away.

クリア by さかな
Roxas, hands empty, looking up at crystalline shards.

こいつこそが真のラスボス by 京島
Roxas, chasing heartless in Wonderland.

さむらい by さな@ツイッタアアアア
Roxas as a samurai.

it is mine by 7cher
Chibi Roxas clinging to a sea-salt ice cream.

KHII-blank by leojiaz
AU clothing. Roxas looking into the distance.

roXas by SHOU.
Roxas, hood up, in the dark city. Text: Where is Sora?

Roxas – the Keyblade of Destiny by moogle-O-d00mage
Roxas, with his keyblades, on a card.

[untitled] by くぅと
Roxas, fading into smoke at the edges.

Roxas, arms out as if bracing for an attack.

Brilliant Road by Miist
Roxas, mid attack.

Roxas by Aster-melody
Roxas with Oathkeeper, wearing a vaguely steampunk-ish wing.

Roxas Rage by CLE2
Fake anime screencap; Roxas mid-attack.

ロクサス by トキタ
Roxas, smiling.

roxas mirror by mishelly88
Roxas, in a mirror pose/position of Sora in the Kingdom Hearts II loading screen image.

ロクサス by woodenmanatee
AU clothing. Roxas with a microphone.

ろくさす! by サイカス@twitter
Shojo-style Roxas with an ice cream.

X by ばかやろう
Roxas, dead-eyed, in browns.

Roxas - KH by Nakubi
Roxas, huddled against the rain, hood up.

KHII – Who is the Heartless? by KimYoshiko
Roxas and a shadow.

Roxas from KH by vYinMao
Roxas with the Kingdom Key, shooting stars in the background.

Roxas - Union by M4rty1991
Roxas in his casual clothes.

Roxas's stained glass by misosoupaddict
Fake heart pillar; Roxas'. Features Axel, Riku, Naminé and DiZ in the background.

Roxas by exit-scene
Pencil sketch of Roxas eating a mini ice cream.

roXas by soaro
Roxas in his casual clothes, landing after an attack with Oathkeeper and Oblivion.

Roxas +Knight Of Crowns+ by Revenant-Wings
Roxas in watercolour, cards and a red, crowned shadow with a wing behind him.

Roxas by Sajira
Roxas in AU clothing, poking a shadow with the Kingdom Key, an ice cream in the background.

Proof of Existence by Raburabbit
Chibi Roxas, Kingdom Key strapped to his waist like a normal sword, grabbing at a heart.

Show Me what you got, Sora by dtconanjw
Roxas, ready for battle.

Sweet heart by yachino
Roxas in his casual clothes, surrounded by small balls of light.

【夕】 by 3ヶ
Roxas in his casual clothes on the clocktower, fading from the feet up.

ROXAS by haru
Roxas in his casual clothes, looking back over his shoulder.

*** by ぷろぅち@落ち着け
Roxas, hood up.

無題 by 77
Roxas, mid attack.

to 姨妈 by 77
Roxas in a white yukata.

宵闇の子 by 螢火
Roxas in mid battle, expression blank.

黄昏の子 by 螢火
Roxas in his casual clothes, standing in the water and grinning.

そらにおちる by おこめ
Roxas, falling headfirst from twilight into blue.

KH:roxas by Yhtka
Roxas ala Deep Dive.

XIII'th Divergence by pu-sama
Roxas with a heart-shaped hole in the middle of his chest.

水の中のロクサス by niuya
Roxas floating in water, surrounded by submerged blue roses.

無題 by niuya
Roxas in casual clothes with his chest exposed, looking down at you.


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