Apr. 26th, 2010

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A Kingdom Hearts-specific [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw commentfic fest!
While the format is more or less kink-meme style, this fest is 100% fic friendly. By which I mean if you want to request/write G-rated gen fluff, that's perfectly fine! If you want to request/write dark non-con vore, that's also fine (and let's face it it's fandom, there's always someone into pretty much anything)! As long as it's properly labelled, GO FORTH AND FIC.

How to play!
1. If you want to read something, write a prompt! As long as you're not saying what you want step-by-step, it should be fine. [Edit]: I can't believe I even have to say this, but you can do as many prompts as you like. The more prompts there are there more will be written, after all!
2. If you want to write something, go look at the prompts! If something grabs you, write it! Doesn't matter if someone else has written something before, this is pretty much a free-for-all. You can also draw, if you like! Or do a combination of both, if you're really adventurous.
3. Rinse and repeat!

1. If your fic is more than one comment long, please put the second comment as a reply to the first, just so they're not all replies to the prompt. Less clutter is good!
2. Don't be an asshat.
(This section. It will only be expanded if it needs to be. Let's try and keep it as it is, okay?)

ALSO. Please WARN FOR SPOILERS AT THE TOP OF POSTS. Definitely Birth By Sleep, but 358/2 - or, you know anything - is also appreciated. (This applies to both requests AND fills, just to be super-sure.)

*Commentfic: fic that fits in one or more comment-boxes. Can be as short as a drable or as long you like, as long as it goes in the comments.


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I've changed it so all members can create tags. Apologies for that, I could have sworn tags for members was default for communities.

I would appreciate it if people could edit there entries with tags BUT I will go back and add them myself when I can. So don't worry about it (since it was my fault in the first place).

Thanks [personal profile] mystiri_1 for letting me know about this!
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It's already the 26th in some parts of the world (like mine) and thinking of something [personal profile] erda said in [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw about the lack of squee in DW, I decided to create this post. This is a post specifically for squee.

In the comments of this post, feel free to squee about your OTP, and what makes them so wonderful. Find fellow OTPers, and join in their squee. Share links to DW posts (yours or others) about your OTP. SPREAD THE SQUEE!

Please, where possible, make links to Dreamwidth content. A lot of us imported our old journals when we came here - that means we have fics and artworks that are here, but not currently posted to the community.

But most of all, comment. Talk to each other. Don't let us squee alone!


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