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Quick heads up: the North American Birth by Sleep website has been updated and revamped, with a trailer, gameplay vid, and some of the character and world descriptions. Looks like more content will be added later.

Aaaand a fic:

Title: The Girl with All the Answers
Rating: G
Characters: Naminé, Riku-Ansem, references to Roxas, Axel, Twilight trio
Word Count: 500
Summary: Does Roxas have a heart? Naminé knows the secrets to its innermost workings, but that is one question she cannot answer.

( He insisted he had a heart, until the very end. )
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I doubt this is of interest to the lucky bunch of you who've played the Japanese version already, but Gamespot just updated with some new English screenshots for Birth by Sleep. So far they've been pretty sparse, so any news is better than no news!

It also gives brief character descriptions and mention of some of the gameplay mechanics: D-links and shotlocks.

I don't know about anyone else, but aaaaah I'm so excited, especially with E3 in two weeks time! Thoughts? Incoherent squeeing? :D Will there be (dare I say it) a new Kingdom Hearts title announced by Nomura while he's there?


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