May. 14th, 2010 12:23 am
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So, since some very kind person gave me a paid account, I made a moodtheme! Quite possibly relevant to your interests, so I figured I'd upload it for three weeks:

100% official 358/2 Days in-game sprite art (click to see the whole thing); download here.
Incredibly easy to understand instructions for installing without copy-pasting a million links here.

Alas, some pictures are used more than once, but I figured that's better that having something completely inappropriate. Almost all images are 70x85, with varying amounts of blank space, they're all transparent .pngs, so they'll go on pretty much anything.
I don't mind if you use my uploads, though if my photobucket suddenly runs out of bandwidth I reserve the right to yank things. (It is, however, super-easy to upload them for yourself!)

Anyway, have fun! Comments/crit/suggestions welcome, and if you want me to sub sommat for sommat else, just let me know and I can proooobably manage that. *laughs*


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